Parking Plan Update

The City of San Antonio presented the following parking proposal on Thursday, April 6th.

This plan includes Resident Only Protected Parking (RPP) and does reduce certain streets to ONLY one-sided parking for residents only. Refer to page 2 of the PDF link (above) to see how your street is affected.

Lavaca board members did raise issue at the meeting on how this will impair some residents. The City did agree these restrictions must make allowances for visitors (family/friends) and commercial vehicles (contractors, repair trucks, etc).

Please click here for a link to the proposed plan.

The city will host a second meeting NEXT Thursday, April 13th at 6pm at the DSD building located on 1901 South Alamo.

Please attend if you have questions, concerns, support, or comments for this plan.

If you cannot attend, your Lavaca Neighborhood Association will be collecting your comments and feedback through the month of April. Please be on the lookout for more updates after the second parking meeting.

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