LNA Statement re: Victoria Commons Master Plan

On June 4, 2013, the Board of Directors of the Lavaca Neighborhood Association approved the following statement regarding the San Antonio Housing Authority’s Victoria Commons Master Plan:

  • We support the Artisan Park Townhome owners’ desire that SAHA develop new townhomes as planned on the empty lots adjacent to the existing townhomes.
  • We recognize the last market study that SAHA used to update the master plan is out-of-date. We request that SAHA conduct a new market study to include input from developers and real estate professionals currently working in the Lavaca neighborhood.
  • We expect SAHA to demonstrate best practices for the marketing, sale, and closing processes of current and future townhomes.
  • If demand for rental units is satisfactorily proven, the market rate allocation on any developed rental units must be no less than 80%.

We also wish to reiterate the resolution adopted by the Board of Directors of the Lavaca Neighborhood Association on May 7, 2013:

  • Alamo Architects reflects the interests of the community in architecture, and the community in turn supports their employment on the Victoria Commons development.
  • Both architecture and material quality are critical to the development, and the Board recognizes the pursuit of quality must be reflected in the budget for the development.
  • The current plans are for three-story structures on Peyton Path which will “step down” to two stories on the southern edge which will face single-family homes. The Board notes that this is an increase in density over what was planned and recognizes the value of this “product” to the developers. Board support is predicated on achieving quality in architecture and materials.
  • The articulation from Peyton Path to Labor Street is recognized by the Board as providing an edge to the park development and enhancing the “portal” of the three-story architecture.
  • The plan for subsidized and market rate single-family homes has been long supported by the community. The Board reinforces the value of providing opportunities to separate builders who construct distinct houses under design guidelines which are reviewed by a committee inclusive of community members.

Respectfully submitted,

Syeira Budd

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