Victoria Commons Update

My sincere thanks to all of the neighbors who attended the LNA general meeting last week to listen and share input about SAHA’s updated Victoria Commons Master Plan. Your outpouring of concern for how this development moves forward showed a deep commitment to the diversity and vibrance of the Lavaca community.

The LNA Board of Directors does not yet have an official statement to share, but I am comfortable letting you all know that the general consensus I’ve heard from board members and neighbors is that we want SAHA to 1) rethink their current proposal to replace the promised townhomes with a multi-family development and 2) know that we will not support their proposed 80/20 split for any new multi-family development. The LNA has supported the original townhome and single-family home phases of the master plan since the beginning and continues to do so.

SAHA’s board and CEO have invited a small group of neighborhood representatives to participate in a working group discussion on Thursday night. They plan on scheduling a larger community meeting(s) for everyone to attend after this initial discussion. The LNA board is very interested in the outcome of Thursday’s meeting and how that will inform us as to the next best steps for the community.

We will use the LNA website, our e-newsletter, and the Nextdoor Lavaca forum to share updates and future meeting info.

If you have any additional input that you’d like to share with the LNA, please send me an email at

Syeira Budd, LNA President

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