SAHA Statement re: Victoria Commons Master Plan

We received the following statement last night from Kathy McCormick, SAHA’s Development Services and Neighborhood Revitalization Officer: 

SAHA is in the early stages of the planning process for the completion of Victoria Commons. We are committed to a truly collaborative effort with our neighborhood associations, community leaders, elected officials and the residents of Victoria Commons, just as we were with the previous successful phases of the development.

The purpose for presenting the draft Victoria Commons master plan at the recent community meeting was to generate discussion and feedback. That feedback included requests for additional information and alternative options, which SAHA and the developer are researching at this time.

SAHA welcomes and appreciates the concerns that have been shared, and we will be hosting a number of future meetings to discuss together the best approaches for the remaining phases of Victoria Commons. Future updates and meeting schedules will be posted on the SAHA website.

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