PBS Series Wants to Hear Your Lavaca Stories

The upcoming PBS series One Square Mile: Texas looks at contemporary Texas life and culture from the microcosm of distinct square miles across the state. The square miles featured in the series are selected from viewer suggestions and were pulled from over 200+ nominations across the state. The series will air on Texas PBS stations in the late summer of 2013. You can learn more about the series here:  http://www.osmtx.com

One of the nine square miles to be featured is in San Antonio (King William / Lavaca). PBS is seeking input from the local community to find the interesting stories, people, and perspectives that make up this square mile. The stories might be of a weekly domino tournament at the local barber shop – someone with a large extended family, or someone who is all alone – a new business just starting, or an older business trying to adapt to changing times – a well known restaurant, or someone who helps those without. The possibilities are endless and they would love to hear from you!

PBS is looking for stories that are both representative of the square mile and uniquely interesting. They are not looking for tourist’s perspective of this square mile, but rather a first person perspective of what it is like to live in this community on a day-to-day basis.The five themes they will be filming in this square mile are:
Community – What role does community play in this square mile? How do residents interact and socialize? Is community involvement centered at the school, the barber shop, the cafe or the home?
Family – What is the role of family in this square mile? What is it like to live, grow up or raise a family in this square mile?
Work – How do people earn a living in this square mile?
Food – How is food a part of the culture in this square mile?
Future – What is the future of this square mile?

PBS is looking for the obvious and the obscure.  Anyone within the community can make a suggestion on the OSMTX website at: http://www.osmtx.com/tv/San_Antonio.html

They will be accepting nominations until February 1, 2013, and begin filming all five stories shortly thereafter.

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