Do You Know Katie McKee?

Katie McKeeKatie McKee is back home at Liberty Bar! Katie has been calling San Antonio home since 1996. She was born in Versailles, KY, but she wasn’t there for long. Her family moved around quite a bit as she was growing up. She lived in Providence, RI, Baton Rouge, LA, and Oshkosh, WI among other places.

After school she lived in Colorado for awhile, and that’s where she began her career in the restaurant business. Having been to cooking school, she started working as a chef and running the kitchen for an independent restaurant. She quickly realized that to best serve her customers, she needed to spend time with them. So she split her time between the kitchen and the dining room, rounding out her experience. During this time, her mother and sisters moved to Arizona and Katie fell in love with the area on her visits. She relocated (and lived in both Tucson and Phoenix) and found her way into restaurant management. She learned about banquet and special events planning, which prepared her well for her current position. She worked for a family-owned restaurant chain and became the Executive Corporate Trainer and Director of Human Resources for all their restaurants.

While in Arizona, she decided to pursue another interest. She left the restaurant business to work in women’s retail, taking a job first with Lady Marden’s managing their Scottsdale location and doing management training / recruitment, and then with Catherine Stores. With Catherine Stores she relocated to Amarillo and eventually to San Antonio. Under her management, the Catherine’s San Antonio location became its number one store of 250.

At this point Katie turned back to the restaurant business, and has since worked for some of San Antonio’s finest spots — she has worked at Las Canarias in La Mansion, the Liberty Bar at its original location on Josephine St, the Monterey, Casbeer’s, and The Palm.

In September of this year, she was waiting tables at the Palm, not thinking about returning to restaurant management. A phone call from the owner of the Liberty Bar changed that, and she accepted a management position.

Katie is excited to be back at Liberty Bar, and feels like she is ‘home’. She loves the King William building (previously the mother house for the Benedictine Sisters) and is excited about exploring offerings that will further integrate the restaurant into the vibrant Southtown community.

Food and wine are a passion for Katie. They are her hobby as well as her career. She also enjoys gardening and watching flowers grow and bloom.

Katie occasionally stops in at the Lavaca & Friends Happy Hour, and she’s always in the neighborhood — spending most of her time, of course, at the Liberty Bar. If you haven’t been to the Liberty Bar lately, stop in and say hello to Katie. Have a favorite libation and congratulate her on returning home!

Originally published November 7, 2012, in the Lavaca & Friends Happy Hour update.

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