Do You Know Lynda & Richard Ramirez?

Linda & Richard RamirezLavaca residents Richard and Lynda Ramirez are newlyweds, married on July 14th, 2012. Both are from San Antonio — born and raised here.

After graduating from high school, Lynda went to San Antonio College, the University of Texas at San Antonio, and finally Our Lady of the Lake University (where she got her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Speech Pathology). She has been a speech therapist for 18 years and has worked for both the Northside School District and the San Antonio Independent School District. In addition to her school district position, Lynda works with the National Nursing and Special Kids Care organizations, helping children with speech and language disorders by working with them at their homes or in day care.

Lynda has a passion for helping animals and has been involved as a volunteer with various rescue organizations for years. She has served as a volunteer at the Animal Defense League and at Animal Care Services. She has fostered dozens of homeless animals and worked to help people with pet adoptions. Today she and Richard share their home with five dogs (Rocko, Daisy, CJ, Chip and Heidi), all rescued from one situation or another. One of the most successful rescues in which Lynda was involved saved over one hundred dogs (it came to be called “Resuce 100”). A San Antonio woman had 115 dogs, and Lynda worked with others to successfully find homes for every single one of them. Lynda, however, describes herself as a “rescue failure” because she ends up keeping too many of her foster pets!

In addition to her rewarding career and rescue work, Lynda loves to work out and to travel.

Richard’s family home growing up was a few miles north of downtown, which at the time was mostly farmland. He spent a lot of time, however, at his grandparents’ home in King William near the river. As a child, he swam and fished in the river, and jumped off the Arsenal Bridge. He graduated from Holmes High School and went to San Antonio College and then graduated from Southwest Texas (which today is Texas State University) with a degree in Urban Development.

Richard worked in construction during college and for a while afterwards. He started working for the City of San Antonio in 2002. He worked for the Zoning department until 2006 and was then promoted to a position in Inner City Redevelopment, where he focused on locating and acquiring properties for affordable homes. He also oversaw the infrastructure development of those properties and worked with and oversaw the activities of builders engaged by the city. Today he’s part of the city’s Capitol Improvement Management Services group and he audits work done on roads and bridges, ensuring that projects are in compliance with TX DOT requirements. Richard loves urban development and is fortunate to have found a career that has given him a myriad of opportunities to watch San Antonio evolve.

Richard enjoys swimming, running, and being outside. Since he met Lynda, he has also developed a love for dogs!

Lynda and Richard met on election day in November of 2010 at an election results party for a candidate whom they mutually supported. That candidate introduced them to each other and did a little “matchmaking”. Their first date was a couple of weeks later at Monterey and they have been together ever since. They recently returned from a week-long honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas.

Lynda and Richard love living in Lavaca and they frequently come to the Lavaca and Friends Happy Hour. The next time you see them, say hello and congratulations!

Originally published August 8, 2012, in the Lavaca & Friends Happy Hour update.

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