Do You Know Lyle Rosdahl?

Lyle Rosdahl During his childhood and teen years, Lyle lived “around the world”… in a number of countries, exposed to a variety of cultures. His father worked for the State Department and they moved around quite a bit. Lyle was born in Mauritius, an island nation off the southeast coast of Africa, just east of Madagascar. After that they lived in Kenya, Morocco, Norway, Australia and India.

He graduated from high school at the American Embassy School in India and moved to the States to attend college in Kansas. He transferred to Concordia University in Montreal, where he studied writing and English literature. While Lyle was in college, his father retired and his parents and brother moved to San Antonio. After graduation from Concordia, Lyle joined them here and has since called San Antonio home.

Once in San Antonio, Lyle started working at the downtown Central Library… a very significant move on his part because it was there — in the reference department — that he met a co-worker, Mimi. Lyle and Mimi recently celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. The have lived in the area since they got married, first in Baja King William, and then in the home they purchased on Sadie Street. They share their Sadie Street home with Mimosa, their five pound Chihuahua.

Education has played an on-going role in Lyle’s life, both as a student and as a teacher. He taught as an adjunct professor at Palo Alto college for six years. He went back to school for a Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing. He is back in school again studying graphic design. He has worked for ten+ years with Gemini Ink. He is a member of Gemini Ink’s Writers in Communities faculty and has taught outreach programs at the elementary, middle and high school levels. He has also worked in the organization’s University Without Walls program. Last year he taught a Flash Fiction class for the University, and next week he’ll be facilitating Blackout Night — a creative poem-writing workshop. He’s especially looking forward to this workshop because it incorporates a mix of art and words… two of his passions.

Lyle also facilitates a monthly collaborative writing project with four other writers. Each month a group member submits a photograph and within a month, each participant responds in short prose. At the end of each month, Lyle posts the finished project at

Lyle is a student of constraint writing and closely follows the work of Oulipo (“a loose gathering of mainly French-speaking writers and mathematicians which seeks to create works using constrained writing techniques”). He regularly uses a variety of constraints in his own works. You can check out some of his constraints here.

In addition to teaching, taking classes, working with Gemini Ink, and working part-time at the library, Lyle enjoys cooking and traveling. In recent years, he and Mimi have been to Barcelona, Norway, Dublin, Seattle, New York and various destinations in Texas.

Lyle and Mimi love living in Lavaca. It’s important to them to live in a neighborhood with family and friends. His brother and sister-in-law live a block away, and they have many friends living on nearby streets. They love the “neighborhood feel” of Lavaca… that they can walk into a local restaurant or bar and run into friends and know the people who work there.

Lyle and Mimi have been to the Lavaca & Friends Happy Hour — and plan to be there again soon. So say hello the next time you see them there!

Originally published July 11, 2012, in the Lavaca & Friends Happy Hour update.

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