President’s Statement

Several people have asked that the President’s Statement read by the 2011 Outgoing Lavaca Neighborhood Association President, Curtis Bowers, be posted on the website. The statement was read at the Annual Meeting held January 10, 2012.


President’s Statement

Curtis Bowers – Outgoing 2011 LNA President

Let me first say it has been an honor to serve as your LNA President for 2011.

2011 has been a great year for Lavaca. We’re beginning to see the frameworks of important projects that will positively affect or neighborhood for years to come. You’ll see an update on a couple of these projects (HemisFair and Victoria Commons) in a moment.

For me personally 2011 has been a year of beginnings for me as I became a father in February and opened a new business in September. I could not have taken on these endeavors and continued to serve as President if it weren’t for such tremendous support by our 2011 board. I applaud you. And a huge thank you goes to my wife for continually making the time in her schedule to allow me to serve you this year.

2011 has been a year of increased communication for LNA. It began with a mass first class mailing to every address in Lavaca to update our membership directory. With the help of Hugh Donagher, Jim Feuerstein, and Scott Martin we completely revamped the website and have continually updated it with new content and information. Jim’s LNA eblasts and Jane Gennarelli’s happy hour emails have been a great tool for us to get out our message and to gain new friends and neighbors.

A special thanks to Jane and Jim for beginning the happy hours as a way for us neighbors to gather and catch up outside of the formality of a LNA meeting. And thanks to Syeira Budd for continuing the Lavaca Crawls as another wonderful way for neighbors to gather to see and show off their unique Lavaca homes.

2011 was a year of inaugural annual events for LNA. Margie Rodriguez and Syeira organized the LNA garage sale officially establishing it as a LNA event separate from the King William Association event. I’m looking forward to seeing how this event grows each year. And who could forget the best National Night Out LNA has ever had. I think the success and participation in this year’s event truly sets a new benchmark and beginning to this annual event. Thanks to Jose Cruz, Jim Feuerstein, Gail Mulcahy, Dwight Mulcahy, Jane Gennarelli, and Tanner Neidhardt for all of the planning and execution of that wonderful evening.

Thanks to Joan Carabin, Paula Haley, and Mike Moran for organizing and hosting the District 1 Candidate Forum. It was such a successful event. Their vision for the round-robin roundtable meet the candidates was genius. A political blogger friend of mine that attended went out of his way to tell me how much he enjoyed the format and that he had not seen anything else like it.

Also a huge thanks goes out to Joan and Paula for organizing the hand delivery of both the National Night Out flyers and tonight’s event flyers. Not only did they save us a lot of money on postage but they ensured every door received a flyer. That was a huge service, twice. And also thanks to the San Antonio Housing Authority for distributing the flyers to their residents.

I also want to personally thank our past board members and presidents who served as my council and source for advice for dealing with neighborhood issues within the framework of the past ten plus years. Their knowledge and understanding of our neighborhood association’s history was a huge help to me. Thank you Joan Carabin, Bob Carabin, Penny Boyer, Michael Berrier, Darryl Ohlenbusch, and Tanner Neidhardt to name a few.

Thanks to each of you neighbors and members who help to keep Lavaca the best neighborhood to live in in San Antonio.

And lastly, thank you to Jose Cruz for preparing the brisket we are eating tonight. It is divine.

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