Do You Know Michelle Stress?

Michelle has been living in Lavaca with her husband Brian, 4 year old son Benjamin, and a menagerie of pets since 2007.

Michelle was born and raised in the Detroit Michigan area. After graduating from high school, she lived in Virginia Beach and Key West, Florida before moving back to Michigan where she met Brian. They were married in 2006, and lived in Dallas and Point Top Arizona before moving to San Antonio. Their first home in San Antonio was out in the Medical Center, but they soon found Lavaca and settled into their lovely home on Florida Street.

Michelle got her nursing degree while in Dallas and is currently a physician’s liaison for the Hospice program, which keeps her quite busy. But that’s just one of her careers! She also owns and actively manages Bark of Southtown. Bark is a pet-grooming business and has a grooming apprenticeship program that runs year round. Apprentice groomers work side-by-side with the groomers at Bark.

Bark, however, is more than a business to Michelle… it represents one of her passions. She is actively involved in the well-being of stray, lost, and abandoned animals. It’s important to Michelle that Bark is a resource for the neighborhood in efforts to care for homeless animals. Bark is registered with the Feral Cat Coalition, and has been working with rescue groups. A portion of Bark’s revenues help to fund spays, neuters, shots, medical care, and home placements for homeless dogs and cats. Since January, Michelle — through Bark — has assisted 29 strays. These strays are now off the streets of Southtown. They have been cared for and placed in homes or no-kill shelters. How awesome is that!?!? Visit Bark and treat your pet to some special pampering if you are interested in contributing to this worthy cause.

Michelle also stays active in the neighborhood. She was Secretary of the Lavaca Neighborhood Association in 2009 and 2010 and led the effort to get additional stop signs installed at key locations in the neighborhood.

Michelle loves photography and travelling. She has backpacked through Central America, parts of South America and South Africa, and has travelled all over the United States. She’s enjoyed all of the exciting places she’s visited, but she fell in love with San Antonio. According to Michelle, “I adore Lavaca… it’s a true neighborhood”.

Michelle, we are lucky you are part of our community!

Originally published November 16, 2011 in the Lavaca & Friends Happy Hour update.

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