Do You Know Barb Machado?

Barb MachadoBarb Machado made her move from the north side of the city to Lavaca on July 4th, 2007 and has never regretted the change! Her two-story townhouse in Artisan Park is the perfect location for downtown living and maintaining a home office to manage the affairs of the San Antonio Hotel & Lodging Association (SAHLA).

Widowed after 35 years of marriage, Barb found her new, down-town lifestyle to be the right environment for her. It keeps her close to the “action” and it keeps the juices flowing!

In addition to her activities for SAHLA, Barb served as treasurer of the Lavaca Neighborhood Association in 2009 and 2010. She currently serves on the Board of the San Antonio Conservation Society as the Treasurer of NIOSA (“A Night in Old San Antonio”).

Barb loves to travel. She went to China with a friend in 2011 and has plans to visit Italy and Spain later this year.

Her son and his family recently moved back to San Antonio. With two very active teenagers in wrestling and band, it’s back to school functions, Friday night football and working the concession stand! According to Barb, “You are never too old to get back in the game!”

Originally published October 5, 2011 in the Lavaca & Friends Happy Hour update.

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