Do You Know Bob Carabin?

Bob Carabin

Bob Carabin

Bob is known as “Dr. Bob” to the Lavaca kids of the 90’s and math students at St. Philip’s College, “Fr. Bob” to the Episcopalians of St. Paul’s, “Bamboo Bob” to those who love or hate the big grass (yes, he’s a Bamboo expert!), and “Bob” to all who know and love him.

Bob’s a regular at our Lavaca Happy Hour events, and often brings sweetheart roses to the ladies who attend. His wife Joan even held his 75th birthday party at the La Frite Happy Hour in May, 2010 (in fact, the picture above was taken at that event!).

Bob and his wife Joan moved to San Antonio (Bob’s hometown) in the fall of 1992 from Victoria TX. Bob again became a math professor at St. Philip’s College. After walking and biking through King William for a couple of months, they found a home they could afford at 210 Lavaca, and moved into the neighborhood in May 1993.

After moving in, both Bob and Joan immediately became active in the Lavaca Neighborhood Association, holding a number of offices, always working to make Lavaca a safe, friendly, and beautiful place to live.

In the 1990’s, Bob sponsored card games in his living room for kids who lived in the nearby public housing projects. And, a couple of times a year he took them to the San Antonio Zoo and lunch afterwards.

Bob and Joan currently live at 140 Callaghan Avenue, where the flowers bloom and the fruits and vegetables thrive in “his and her” gardens”.

Originally published June 15, 2011 in the Lavaca & Friends Happy Hour update.

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